In a nutshell about NXI

about nxi in nutshell

Introduction to NX Infrastructure NX Infrastructure Limited (‘NXIL’) is an innovative steel company producing high quality, corrosion resistant infrastructure materials using advanced low energy, environmentally friendly technology. It is headquartered in London, UK and its primary market is the United States. NXIL is the world’s largest producer of stainless clad products. NXIL manufactures and distributes corrosion resistant steel reinforcement bars (rebar) and dowels for use in reinforced concrete in civil engineering projects such as bridges, roads, canals, dams, ports, airports, wind-mill farms, water and waste treatment plants and buildings. The stainless steel clad rebar (NX-SCR) and stainless steel clad dowels (NX-SCD) provide superior corrosion resistance and offer the lowest life cycle cost in the industry.

 What does NX Infrastructure do?

• NXIL manufactures and distributes stainless steel clad rebar (NX-SCR) and stainless steel clad dowels (NX-SCD).

• NXIL’s products combine the corrosion properties of stainless steel and mechanical properties of carbon steel, for use in infrastructure projects, offering a service life in concrete of 100 years without corrosion.

• NX-SCR is used to reinforce concrete and prevent corrosion damage.

• NXIL has an established track record of installations in the United States, Canada and Europe.

NXIL’s products are manufactured through a patented, low carbon steel, solid state process which results in a metallurgical bond during hot-rolling between its durable and corrosion resistant outer stainless steel cladding and its carbon steel core. This design optimizes stainless steel’s very high corrosion resistance with the mechanical properties and elastic modulus characteristics of low alloy carbon steel. 

In NXIL’s solid state process, products are formed without the requirement for melting, casting or solidification. This means NXIL has a much lower energy consumption requirement relative to conventional steel mills. Additional environmental technology benefits include the absence of hazardous dust or slag waste, which are typically generated in conventional steel mills. NXIL is also a primary purchaser of recycled automotive steel turnings. The manufacturing process is protected by over 50 patents across the world, affording protection for more than twelve (12) years in major markets including the USA. NX-SCR has been successfully marketed in the USA and Canada in the past, but prior to the resumption of commercial production in May 2007 from the Company’s only manufacturing facility in Wales, there had been no significant production for three years.

NXIL currently employs 50 people at its Wern  Works facility. 

NXIL’s products offer:

• A high level of corrosion resistance (100 year service life).

• A significantly lower cost alternative to solid stainless steel products (rebar and dowels). 

• Superior strength to solid stainless steel rebar and dowels.

• A reduction in maintenance costs over the life of the concrete structure in which it used.

• Easier field handling and reduced installation times than lower cost (coated) steel rebar alternatives – our 

products are malleable and formable.


NX Infrastructure (NXIL) manufactures and distributes corrosion resistant steel reinforcement bar (“rebar”) and dowel for use in reinforced concrete in civil engineering projects, such as bridges, roads, canals, dams, ports, airports, wind-mill farms, water and waste treatment plants and buildings.   

The rebar produced by NXIL, known as NX-SCR, has a carbon steel core clad with a stainless steel outer layer that is manufactured using a patented technology.

Our products compete primarily in the market for corrosion resistant rebar (“CRR”), and is used in infrastructure projects exposed to harsh marine environments or heavy use of de-icing salts in the winter to prevent the accelerated accumulation of rust, which is one of the primary causes of concrete cracking and, ultimately, structural failures.

In the CRR market, NX-SCR exhibits all of the corrosion resistance qualities and long service life of solid stainless steel rebar (“SSSR”) but sells at prices significantly lower than SSSR.