Our Installations

delaware dot installation
Client: Delaware DOT
Project: BR 1-211A on SR2 Kirkwood Highway over Pike Creek
Location: Wilmington, Delaware, USA
MT: 11
Project completion : March 2010
Notes: Bridge Deck
heijmans installation
Client: Heijmans
Project: Oirschotedijk Viaduct
Location: Eindhoven, The Netherlands
MT: 16 
Project completion : May-08
Michigan DOT
Client: Michigan DOT
Project: M43 Bridge Reconstruction over Sebewa Drain
Location: Sunfield, Michigan, USA
MT: 6
Project completion: June 2005
minnesota installation
Client: Minnesota DOT
Project: Interstate 35W leading to Mall of America
Location: Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA
MT: 11
Project completion : April 2000
Notes: Dowels
Nevada DOT
Client: Nevada DOT
Project: I-80 Retrofit Project
Location: Elko, Nevada, USA
MT: 9
Project completion: September 2001
Notes: Rebar and Dowels; Retrofit Test Program
New York Thruway Authority
Client: New York Thruway Authority
Project: Route 980D over New York Thruway
Location: Canaan, New York, USA
MT: 101
Project completion: August  2008
Notes:  Final delivery Aug 08.
North Dakota DOT
Client: North Dakota DOT
Project: Bridge Construction I-94 Eastbound, Valley City
Location: Valley City, North Dakota, USA
MT: 122
Project completion: June 2001
Notes:  Superstructure and Approach Slab
Not Disclosed
Client: Not Disclosed
Project: Porter River Road Culvert
Location: Fort Knox, Kentucky
MT: 11
Project completion:August  2009
Client: NYC DOT
Project: Reconstruction of Annadale Bridge over S.I.R.T.
Location: Staten Island, NY
MT: 7.8
Project completion : June 2010
Notes: Stuperstructure Slab
Scottish & Southern Energy Plc
Client: Scottish & Southern Energy plc
Project: High Pressure Water Tunnel for Hydro-Electric Power Station
Location: Nant, Scotland, UK
MT: 154
Project completion: Jul-01
Notes: First UK Project
Washington DOT
Client: Washington DOT
Project: Tukwila I-5 – HOV Lane Project
Location: Tacoma, Washington, USA
MT: 119
Project completion: Aug-01
Wisconsin DOT
Client: Wisconsin DOT
Project:State Highway 172 over State Highway 32 (Ashland Avenue Bridge)
Location: Green Bay, Wisconsin, USA
MT: 130
Project completion: July  2001