Our Processes

NX-SCR and NX-SCD are manufactured through a patented solid-state production process which creates a strong metallurgical bond between the corrosion resistant outer stainless steel cladding and its carbon steel core, without melting and casting the steel.

This unique process optimizes stainless steel’s high corrosion resistant properties with the lower cost, superior strength, yield performance and mechanical properties of low alloy carbon steel, at prices approximately 25-30% lower than equivalent solid stainless steel rebar.

The Company’s patented production process is outlined below:

  • carbon feeding

    1. Carbon Feeding

    Recycled scrap steel turnings are crushed and cleaned to form a granulated feedstock and are conveyed to the production line. 

  • tubing


    Stainless steel is cold formed, welded and sectioned into large tubes, which will become the outer steel cladding.

  • billet manufacture

    3. Billet Manufacture

    Billet Manufacture – Feedstock is pressed into the stainless steel tubing by a custom built dual-action concentric press and then crimped at the ends. Patented additives are added.

  • billet heating

    4. Billet Heating

    The cold “compacted” billets are reheated to 2050°F (1150°C) in preparation for rolling.

  • rolling

    5. Rolling

    The hot billets are rolled into rebar;

    1. Initial Press: 3-HI mechanised reversing rougher (tensionless rolling) that compacts the core and induces solid state welding between the clad and the feedstock.
    2. Secondary Pass: 9 stand continuous mill pass.
  • finishing

    6. Finishing

    Bar shot blasting, end capping, cleaning (pickling), bundling, cutting, fabrication, product certification, weighing and tagging.